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"Dr. Schnarr is one of the most caring and nicest doctors I have ever came in contact with. I have been a nurse for 13 years and can honestly say that Dr. Schnarr is classic. He continues to strive for the best possible care he can provide. His honesty and patience means a lot. If your day is going bad just stop by and see Dr. Schnarr, he will have you smiling and laughing in no time. He is truly a dedicated doctor to have around in our community." Cristy V

"In October of 2005 after visiting Dr. Emadian for neck pain he suggested visiting a chiropractor. After checking around I chose to go to Dr. Chad. I told Dr. Emadian I had never been to a chiropractor before. His answer to me was to go. If I felt I had been helped, go back. If I didn't feel I had been helped not to go back. I definitely feel Dr. Chad had helped and I continue to see him monthly." James W.

"Dr. Schnarr is very kind, alert to my physical problems and is very helpful in keeping me on my feet. When my body is not responding rapidly as I would like, he patiently reassures me I will get better. When he firmly suggests limiting certain activities that I may be doing that can aggravate a painful situation, I try to follow his suggestions. The perfect solution would be a new body for me. He believes in exercise, within my comfort zone. Dr Chad is multi talented, witty, patient, and a gentleman as well as an excellent chiropractor.

The Staff is always helpful in scheduling and very kind and thoughtful in taking car of my needs. Their concern and delightful humor all promotes to a relaxed and healing atmosphere." Unknown

"When I first came to Dr. Chad, I did not think my neck could be helped. When I was driving I had to turn my whole body to see behind. After a few visits with Dr. Chad, the pain gradually got better and now it is almost gone. Then I missed 2 months and all the pain was back. One visit and it was Ok. Thanks." Mary A.

"I was very skeptical to go to Dr. Chad. I have been to other chiropractors and they just weren't helping me. I would try to explain to them what parts of my back or hip was hurting and I felt like they wanted to hurry me out of there. I heard about Dr. Chad and I thought that he was probably like all the others. Boy was I wrong. When I first met him, he didn't make me feel uncomfortable and I didn't feel like he wanted to rush me out of there. He was willing to listen and he took the time to explain to me what was going on with my back and hips. I've been goin to him now going on 2 1/2 years. I'm doing so much better. I don't hurt so much anymore and now my visits to his office are very few. Dr. Chad is fun to talk with. He can be so funny or goofy, however you want to call it. His staff is very pleasant and professional and they are always willing to work with you, whether it be scheduling your next appointment or insurance questions you might have. I'm glad that I went to Dr. Chad and I recommend him and his office to anyone. Thank you for your time, skill and effort on making my life (health) a whole lot better." Rita B.

"Chiropractic care keeps everything in working order. It's an important part of my overall wellness plan." Charle C

" I was in doubt about going to a chiropractor but oh so glad that I did. Dr. Schnarr has helped me tremendously with my back problems. I am back to doing the things I enjoy doing with out pain and also dancing which I enjoy so much. I would recommend him to anyone that has problems. B. Jane

"I think that Dr. Chad Schnarr is a great Chiropractor! I have been a patient of his since he assumed ownership of his practice. He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled at his profession. He has a gentle and knowing touch when adjusting my back and neck. Dr. Chad is very efficient when diagnosing my back and neck problems and always gives me relief from pain and discomfort. His counseling is thorough and meaningful to me so the I know how to take care of myself at home. Dr. Chad has a friendly and gently "bed side" manner that puts me at ease when he is treating me. I believe that Dr. Chat is not only an exceptional chiropractor, but also a fine young man. I consider him to be a friend. His staff does and outstanding job of taking care of his patients. They are professional, friendly, helpful and make my visitns to his office a pleasant event." RG

"My Testimonial is true, but packed full of all the good changes in my health, since I was turned over to Dr. Chad Schnarr, by Dr. Robert Johnson, who had been taking care of me for 30 years and doing a very good job, I might say. Over the years my age and the advance in my arthritis, I was living in constant pain due to the fact I can take very few medications. Dr. Chad discussed all the ways I was living my life, I am 77 years old, very young at heart and still wanted to live like I had. He came up with a plan for me to try and trick my arthritis by working 5 minutes and resting 5 minutes, It almost drove me crazy but for 4 weeks but I did it. To my surprise, it worked! We continued this until I am now up to working 20 minutes and resting 20 minutes. This will be the way I live the rest of my life. I get an adjustment every month. I will always be grateful to my new best friend Dr. Chad." Doris B.

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